The Ravenous Princess: Moe’s Southwest Grill versus Chipotle

The Ravenous Princess: Moe’s Southwest Grill versus Chipotle

A Cincinnati, hungry woman’s pursuit of unpretentious, delicious meals

This is basically the thing. I adore Chipotle. Nonetheless, I hate them, in a ways that are few too.

1. They constantly are away from one thing and i usually need certainly to wait (also if it’s for meat – which we don’t log on to MY burrito but i must wait for individuals in front of me personally. Jesus forbid, i ought to go forward lined up and mess up a rotation)

2. They don’t have complete lot of choices, apart from burritos.

3. They spot more importance on online purchases, as compared to instructions of LIVE individuals standing in the front of these.

So, I’ve been looking for other burrito options. I’ve been to Qdoba – it just didn’t get it done in my situation.

We viewed Currito‘s menu on the internet also it seemed horrendous AND boring.

My option that is next was Southwest Grill. I’ve been to Moe’s, numerous a moon ago (7 years?). And, we thought it ended up being good. But, which was BEFORE Chipotle came to exist. There isn’t a Moe’s, anywhere close to my house – one in Mason and something in Crestview Hills. Originating from work, Mason was closer. Looking for an alternative for my weekly dose of Chipotle, we provided it a chance.

And even though there are lots of choices to their menu, i simply desired a bowl – we understand that that is Chipotle speak, thus I was having difficulty finding out very same. (Being while they didn’t have veggie bowl) therefore, i just shared with her a veggie rice dish. Perhaps perhaps Not certain that that ended up being appropriate, being as she provided me with an odd look. 😉

Ordering is the identical as Chipotle – more options though. I REALLY LIKE that the onions and peppers are split (I’ve NEVER comprehended why Chipotle blends theirs OR exactly why there are more peppers that are green onions?). They have black colored olives, bacon, cilantro (that we took additional of!), mushrooms, queso (and, online they do say they have actually southwestern slaw but we never ever saw it). Having said that, i obtained the same I don’t get at Chipotle), sour cream, cheese, guacamole and cilantro that I would get at Chipotle – rice, both beans, pico, grilled onions (which.

This is just what my dish appeared as if

Yes, it is appealing.

Oh! Also, every purchase gets COMPLIMENTARY chips and salsa – definite bonus! When I paid, we noticed that they’ve a Salsa Bar, right by the beverages. Really, limitless quantities of 4-5 different varieties of salsa! We grabbed 3 sorts, to get.

I MUST SAY I want to LOVE Moe’s. Love Moe’s so much so it wiped Chipotle off of my style bud radar.

We attempted to help keep a mind that is open. I must say I did. We noticed it wasn’t likely to be exactly the same and I also ended up being ready to accept that so long as it absolutely was awesome, with its very own unique means. But, it absolutely was simply normal. I acquired about 1/6 of a means involved with it and had been over it.

I’ve been mulling it over…and over. (Hey, We have a large amount of time this I think it comes down to 2 things weekend. Since most of this aspects of most of these take out burrito places are, actually, exactly the same.

1. The rice. Moe’s rice had been overly seasoned and types of mushy. Not good. I LIKE that Chipotle keeps their rice simple. White, el dente (yes, i will utilize that for rice, too), bright flavor that is lime an abundance of cilantro. It becomes a bed for many for the other…

2. …Flavors! (as a result of my pal in the office for assisting me recognize this aspect) Chipotle is not afraid to obtain spicy. I am aware numerous a those who bitch we want to TASTE the spicy flavors of the Mexican persuasion about it but for the most part. Once I visit other burrito places, all of it tastes BLAND as well as the exact same. B-O-R-I-N-G. Chipotle knows how exactly to just start working the taste.

Therefore, where performs this keep me personally? Well, I’ve written Chipotle headquarters 2X about their problems. And, we have the email that is same – and, absolutely nothing ever changes. I suppose with just just how busy these are typically, they don’t have actually time and energy to fix items that don’t actually affect their main point here. And, MY base line is the fact that Chipotle is exactly what i enjoy. Dammit. I suppose I’ll continue to get here – and acquire service that is mediocre. (it’s just 5 mins from the house, too)

My beloved, Chipotle…

That which was great about Moe’s?

2. Various topping choices

3. COMPLIMENTARY Chips and Salsa (even though potato potato chips had been pretty terrible)

5. Separate Onions and Peppers

But, it all comes down to taste for me. And, Moe’s simply couldn’t remain true to Chipotle.

We have yet another choice – Hot Head Burrito. Oh, I’ll be there.

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